SATELLIFE is Featured in Report to G8

R. Bourke

SATELLIFE is recognized in a report by the Digital Opportunity Initiative to the G8 Summit on technology and development in the developing world.

The Digital Opportunity Initiative (DOI), a collaboration of Accenture, the Markle Foundation and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), submitted a report to the G8 Summit on the opportunities for technology development in the developing world. In this report, the DOI has developed a strategic framework to help guide efforts that unleash the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) to accelerate social and economic development.

SATELLIFE is referenced as a key success story and as one of the pioneers in providing solutions to Information Poverty. The report cites the impact of HealthNet, SATELLIFE's global information and communication network, for its contribution to rural and urban connectivity, capability building among health professionals, and increased demand for IT services. "Many physicians in developing countries rely on HealthNet as their sole source of information on the treatment of AIDS and tropical diseases, essential drugs, pediatrics and public health promotion," the report explains.

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